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Cisco promises to unify its net management silos in the next three to five years

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Best thing about fabric is…

CCIE here, been working with Cisco for 25 years.

… you have so many fabrics to choose from. One for access (SDA) one for data centre (ACI), one for compute access (UCS/fabric interconnect). Not to mention the licence minefield which is Cisco, and having to buy DNA for three years even if you never use those features.

It’s a proper nightmare. Cisco GUIs have always been disasters, separate incursions into disasters at that, so it looks like we can look forward to one unified disaster sometime in the next decade.

Personally I miss typing “show ip ospf” or “show ip BGP” etc when I want to know what my routing protocols are thinking.

I need a coffee. It’s too early.

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