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Dish confirms 300,000 people's data was exposed in February's attack

Blazde Silver badge

In fact maybe every single investor in DISH needs to be hit

Other way around. (If it was paid) then the investors should purge all directors who knew about it and take the ones responsible to court for misappropriation of company funds. It's a publicly traded company half owned by institutional investors, there's no way they would have okayed a ransom-for-delete policy even if they gave the nod for ransoms in other scenarios. If it's been covered by an insurance company then the investors of that company should do likewise.

I'm a bit less quick to jump to conclusions though. It's possible they've been tipped off by a - most likely state backed - hack-back group who compromised Black Basta well enough to have confidence a counter-attack deleted the data before it was copied on.

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