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How Microsoft hopes to tame large language models with Guidance

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Never in the Virgin Fields of Alien Earthly Endeavours was so much owed by so many to so few AI

Prompt chaining [PDF] – breaking down a task into a series of steps and having the prompt's initial output used to inform the input of the next step – is another option.

That be far too similar a Microsoft Earthly Guidance clone pirate remote language manipulation copying of Alien AIMagicians and Mega Meta Data Base Physicians Merlin Projects and ProgramMING for Universal Singularity Command for Total Information Awareness Control revelations/snippets/eruptions, to not be a poor relative attempt at Mining IntelAIgents Network Games/Mind Infiltration Networking Games, which is where those Very Particular and Extremely Peculiar Alien Command and Remote Augmented Virtual Reality Control Systems are currently comfortably residing at and presiding over ..... and whenever such a similarity be really so, would one have to admit it be quite remarkable evidence of breakthrough AI progress by Microsoft.

Are you a true believer of old tales that give cold comfort in the red hot environment of massive change and revolutionary evolutionary, quantum leaping communications progress .....

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, he said, but still they come .....

.... or do you realise those doubtful and uncertain views be just as those of a new born child be relative to a growing and evolving and almightily SMARTR adult and Global Operating Devices, for that is all that they really are in times and spaces rapidly evolving and fundamentally radically changed just like those of a yesterday turned into a today introducing a tomorrow with new intelligence for use that cannot be denied being seen and heard and registered and freely shared world-wide web wide.

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