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Reading the article, though, it sounds like this piece of legislation is more about stopping those sorts of things (the one that stands out is "social scoring systems" à la China's surveillance state). Mention of AI like this seems almost like a bit of a gimmick, much as a lot of supposed "AI" is. We're certainly still years away from an actual artificial general intelligence, if such a thing is even possible. As you say, what is getting called "AI" and "Machine learning" is better described as a bunch of techniques for data analysis and pattern matching. Those techniques are certainly getting more refined, and it is potentially worrying that they can produce results that look like they were done by a human, but at the same time, a robot can produce a car that looks like it was welded together by a human. The issues only arise when people attempt to pass one thing off as another. Oh, and "AI" can't do fingers properly...

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