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EDB offers 'risk-free' migration to lure Oracle users to the PostgreSQL side

Morten Bjoernsvik

dont forget the audit

And this stupid audit every time you try to reduce the Oracle footprint.

Is there no license manager that takes care of this so you only run what you have license for?

I've used the free version Oracle Express 1core/4GB ram/16GB disk for porting away from oracle.

I had a hard time with the native blobs format, different from DB2 and MSSQL the blob format seems to be some oracle internal.

Since then I always store binaries as raw strings in cblobs. Someone says it has a performance penalty, but it makes oracle way more portable.

Oracle give you Golden Gate for free. So my DBA love it and cant it praise it enough. But it is a major part of the lockin strategy.

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