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Intel's $2.8B Q1 loss and 36 percent revenue slide were slightly less horrible than expected

Bob Whitcombe

Relying of their Chip Chops

Sadly Intel went from being 2 generations ahead on process technology to 1.5 to 2 generations behind more advanced Semi-conductor firms like TSMC in the past decade. Oh, and isn't TSMC the world's largest third-party Foundry? Expanding operations with a Mega Factory in Arizona? I see the hand of Intel's impeccable timing once again. Just as their Crypto Chip arrived DoA due to the Crypto-Winter, Intel will have to use price to snag business from a US based TSMC operation. With what? As ex-Intel I do not blame Pat for the state of affairs Intel finds itself in today. In fact I wish him the best of luck for the future. But we need to be realistic about turn-around timing. First objective, relearn how to float.

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