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EU legislates disclosure of copyright data used to train AI

heyrick Silver badge

"Against conservative wishes for more surveillance and leftist fantasies of over-regulation"

Interesting that it is "conservative wishes" and "leftist fantasies". And to be honest, neither have much relevance here.

It's not surveillance, nor is it over regulation. It's simply "is big corp stealing your stuff to create their data sets?".

In a world where a three second fuzzy clip of a song playing in the background can get a video slapped with a copyright violation and downloading the odd movie or programme can carry heavy fines (and I mean "the odd", not habitual sharers), it is a bloody relevent concern as to why big corps are "hands off our stuff" while at the same time "all your stuff is useful to us thanks". It seems nobody cares about respecting actual copyright, it's simply who has the better lawyers, and guess what, it ain't us. As usual.

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