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Europe doesn't just pass laws on Big Tech algorithms, it sets up cop shops to police them

Al fazed

As usual

It all depends upon who you are and what you are peddling.

Of course "Anti vax" stuff will be filtered out. Even if it's relevent ?

What else will be filtered out to suit the status quo in acceptable output ?

How do you know that the unacceptable bit isn't the truth ?

How do we know the "actual truth" isn't being twisted to fit the output requirements of the system ?

Who says what is acceptable and what isn't ?

At the end of the day, I suspect that we are just building bigger and more powerfully biggotted AI designed to suit the requirements of someone in power, as opposed to real people without power.

Oh, similar to what we have today ? Yes, built on the same guiding principles................some of you are just not worthy.............simple


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