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Yes, I did get some money from Sun for MySQL

I spent a big part off that creating MariaDB and paid all salaries to 20 employees from my own pocket for 4+ year!

I have been working on MariaDB server since 2009, most of the time for non or a low salary.

I also created the MariaDB Foundation to ensure that MariaDB would be guaranteed to free software forever!

Yes, I am not anymore at the MariaDB board, as I had to quit from the board as part of MariaDB Corporation going public with the SPAC.

I am still working full time improving MariaDB and helping users with MariaDB issues on different public forums.

I am also actively involved in the MariaDB Foundation, including handling pull request from external developers.

What more do you think I should do or have done to prove that I care about MariaDB, the developers behind it, and the community around it?

Michael Widenius

Creator of MySQL and MariaDB

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