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What does China's massive pollution problem have to do with ANYTHING Cheezytheclown said? He said they have massive amounts of power available, which they do, because they don't care if a load of poor people living around a coal power station die an early and horrible death.

The basis of his story is entirely correct. The majority of semicon production isn't happening at nodes where the latest and greatest is required. EUV is basically only relevant for the very highest end CPUs and GPUs (and some other specialized chips that benefit from lower power and thermal). High end immersion systems are only relevant for the latest and greatest in memory (DRAM and such). Everything else is still happening or can be done on systems China is still allowed to buy. These trade blockades aren't going to hamper China all that much. They are pointless symbolism. But nobody dares to take an actual stand against China because we've outsourced way too much to there to be able to risk China recirpocating on things like resistors (nearly 100% coming from China), capacitors (nearly 100% coming from China) and all sorts of other passives and active components that we no longer make in the western world. They've got us by the balls and they know it.

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