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Mac shipments slump as Apple finally bitten by glum PC demand

Ben Burch

I don't see the value in them any more.

I started out in 1984 as a Mac guy and have owned like 17 Macs in that time (at one time I had a streaming farm of iMacs,) but my current iMac is failing and I am replacing it with a high end Dell machine in June.

I work with Windows 10 and Windows Server daily, and find no usability difference from OSX, and almost no software I need is without a Windows version. Equivalent Macs are several times the price, not really upgradable, not really repairable, OS revisions that gratuitously break software I already own, and even the Retina 5K screens are lesser in quality than a good 4K display because of ghosting and hot spots.

I still think the iPhone is great, and I like the iPad, but I cannot spend my money on a new Mac in good conscience. They need to cut prices significantly before I could.

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