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Don't go leaving the UK out of this. UK police managed to summon/arrest in 5.2% of reported cases last year. That's down from 15% 5yrs ago. Note that's summon/arrest, not prosecute, and *reported* cases. Many now don't bother reporting, or only do to get a crime number.

I cite a case this past month in which, in broad daylight in Leeds city centre, some scum bloke outside our office spent five mins rifling through a Deliveroo bike, then noticed an iPhone in a car next to it. He retrieved a rock, threw it 3x at the passenger window and, having failed to get in, went for a half brick from the end of the road and threw that through the driver's window. He missed with his first rock and bent the roof such that it looked like it'd probably write off the fairly new Audi SUV, but made off with a 6yo iPhone with a smashed screen.

I retrieved two angles of a 4k video replete with good stills of his face and distinctive clothing. Our founder watched the whole thing and could back up the video (shouldn't be needed). I then identified the suspect sitting with a gang in a known location and informed the police, asking them 4x to go grab him and providing the stills.

The investigating officer took almost a week to come to me to get the video. There was no record on the case of the stills or location of the man. Nobody had been to get him despite him having been sat there for over five hours. The video was deemed "inconclusive" (?!? - how?!?) and he'd had his hand up to his face 3 of 4x he'd walked past (not the last time where we'd got the stills) so was deemed he'd sufficiently camouflaged himself.

What a waste of time and a complete embarrassment to the UK our police services are.

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