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Another No Information Opinion idiot...

So exactly how many street muggers of San Francisco have you personal experience of over the decades? Both wanna-be and actual?

None of course. Let me guess. You have never lived in SF. You have never even visited SF. And you most certain dont know which SF neighborhoods have been high crime / high risk for decades. No mater how many residential high rises they might build.

If and when the perp is found he will be just like every other of these utterly worthless parasites. He will have a long criminal record. Very long. He will probably have done jail time. Most of his victims will be in the neighborhood he grew up in. Where the vast majority of the people grew up not becoming criminal parasites. Here is some advice, the only people who have the slightest sympathy for criminals are those who dont live in high crimes areas and who dont have to deal with street crims as part of their daily life. Those who do keep all our sympathy and compassion for the victims. Screw the criminals. Lock them up until they reach the age when the recidivism rates start dropping off fast. In the mid 40's.

Now the irony here is that the victim in all probability would still be alive today if the Dot Com'ers like him and their ilk in SF had not voted so enthusiastically for Props 47 and 57. Because if those Props had not passed in 2014/2016 the murderer would most likely have been in jail rather than on the streets. Although given Boudins track record like with the beating death of baby Synciere Williams, I'd would not be surprised if his refusal to prosecute dangerous criminals not part of this story too.

The victim was very unlucky. He was unwittingly on a dangerous part of Main. Those blocks have been high risk since I first started parking under the bridge when in that area. Before Loma Prieta. Those new shiny residential towers dont change the long term crime geography of the City. When the criminals were locked up the area was pretty OK. But I never once let my guard down over the years when in the area at night. But now all the petty criminals are back on the streets again, well, the old crime geography is reasserting itself. As they are also discovering in places like Hayes Valley and the Mission.

So all you new comers, stay safe. Maybe talk to some of us locals who remember SF in the 1990's and earlier about just how Mad Max some parts of the City was pre Three Strikes. Because that's what's returning. Courtesy of Props 47/57 and DA's like Boudin and Gascon.

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