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well, define 'generate'. If 'summarising' something for the first time is 'generating' , then yes, it generates a 'new value', and you might argue that 'new value' = 'knowledge'. All that talk about an 'eureka' moment, it's (only?) a combination of enough data points to come to that eureka conclusion. Maybe.

... trying to find an analogy, it'll be probably flawed, but there it goes: I'm learning a foreign language (a real case), learning various bits of it: meaning of words through various means, repetition, media, etc. Pronunciation, syntax, grammar, context, narrow and wide (all through various means, irrelevant here), and at some point, I take off, like a lame duck, using that new language, which I have learnt, with each usage, getting better and better. Nothing here is 'creative' per se, just a huge number of data points put together and applied to some learnt rules of how to apply them together. But now I have knowledge I didn't have before, and while I might confuse common meaning of 'knowledge' with something lesser, i.e. 'skill', in the long run, this skill of knowing a foreign language lets me access knowledge I wasn't able to access before so, at the end of the day, I do gain 'knowledge' in the wider sense.

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