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OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT plugins, granting iffy language model access to your apps

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"It's quite good at bits of tech I know about but hardly ever use. eg Write a bash script to ... which does the fiddly bits. DALL-E illustrations are really handy. So long as I'm relatively clear what I want the system can 'understand' me and offer choices."

Exactly this. I've been saying for weeks that these things are great time savers if used with the understanding that it might return utter cobblers. Unleashing them on the masses in every instance of Office is asking for trouble.

Maybe ad-biassed results won't be such a problem though. It looks like chatGPT, Midjourney etc are having some success with getting users to actually pay to use these things. If you have to pay to use, and pay to make plugins, and pay for access to the API, maybe there will be less room for sponsorship. Of course, that still leaves Google, but by all accounts their bard thingy is well behind the competition. Google gained search dominance by initially being better than the competition. If a pay for service is better than Google, they might find themselves struggling. Probably an overly optimistic view, but you never know :)

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