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Google Cloud's US-East load balancers are lousy with latency



I don't think it's just marketing, it shouldn't be too hard for someone competent enough to be running the infrastructure in the first place.

Literally moving to another region should be no harder than cloning your IaC, changing the region variable and running a terraform apply or something. I only even use cloud providers dashboards during development and design of infra to verify and check things and occasionally test something before it gets put into tf files. It i had to do it all through their console, then yeah itd be frustrating and take a few hours maybe. But using terraform or similar, it's one command away at worst and at best if you've designed the resiliency well then you don't have to do squat unless multiple providers die.

Sure the IaC can be a bit of work in the first place to get going but the results will save you enough time to never regret it, plus you know what you deploy is perfect and exactly how you clicking the wrong things adding the wrong role, racing through a dashboard to try and deploy things quickly because things broken..

If its harder than that, then you fail at infra. In fact unless you have strict budgetary or other concerns for being in a specific region than you've already failed. As someone mentioned above, minimum triple redundancy. Ideally with multicast IP so your floaters aren't stuck in a dead location and you're stuck relying on DNS changes with excruciating long TTLs and propagation. Better is fo use multiple providers and maybe even keep an edge provider (eg. Cloudflare) at least in a ready state if not fully proxying. Last year AWS had a huge outage in Canada which took out all azs in the region, it affected many huge companies here with even half of Canadas debit card system down for like 80% of the couuntry and it persisted for, IIRC, like well over 16 hours - GCP in the same region was totally fine though so multi provider is worth considering, even if only in an active passive failover configuration where nodes spin up automatically if the other provider is offline or lhigh latency etc.

The longest part of a deploy or redeploy for me is waiting on AWS or others API to take their sweet time with certain resources sometimes.

As a person from Canadia, all the big cloud providers currently only have ONE region here and we have to keep all data on Canada. AWS is building a west in Calgary but tbh I'm shocked that AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM etc don't have anything in or near Vancouver.

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