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Singapore admits it should have explained COVID app data could be used by cops

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to tackle adoption challenges

Minister 1 "How can we get them to agree to this?"

Minister 2 "Whatever you do, don't tell them the police will have access to the data."

Minister 1 "I see what you mean."

The thing is, even if the law says the police can't have access to the data: (A) There can be another law that says they can. (B) Or the law says the "special" police can. (C) Or the regular police can break the law anyway (ye olde "if you want to make an omelet" reason). (D) If all else fails, the government can change the law at any time (ye olde "think of the children" reason).

Anybody who says stored data can only be used for one purpose is either a fool (works in government) or a liar (works in business).

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