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Phở no! Vietnam's last working submarine cable glitches out

gandalfcn Silver badge

Why has ElReg got a hard on for Nam vs PRC?

Why not tell the truth, i.e. their systems are old and decrepit?

But I suppose it keeps the QAnon types happy.

There are three cable landing sites in Vietnam, and six in-service submarine cable systems connecting Vietnam, two new cables including SJC2 and ADC are under construction.

"Vietnam's submarine fiber optic cables break about 10 times a year"

"According to the August 2021 report of the World Bank, when compared with 12 countries with similar conditions, Vietnam's Internet connection belongs to the group that needs to improve quality and speed if it wants to succeed in the digital economy."

"The SMW3 cable is outdated and going to be decommissioned, "

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