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Adobe's $20b buy of Figma in crosshairs of Europe's antitrust cops


It strikes me that the $20bn is less about the value of Figma as a business entity and more about the potential damage that Figma can issue on Adobe.

You can't compete against an essentially "acceptable" product that is free.

Adobe Photoshop is/was a great tool. But it has become a complicated, pain in the butt for novices, aimed at corporate/business users.

Just look at the numbers - Adobe earns $18bn revenue per year and $6bn profit.

Figma earns $400m per year revenue. It's a pure annihilation of the competition situation. Give it two years, some free features will be scaled back, you'll need a new account style. They will relaunch some features...

If only someone else takes the initiative and creates a freemium Figma clone......DOOO IT!

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