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Adobe's $20b buy of Figma in crosshairs of Europe's antitrust cops

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if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em

Figma *is* quite impressive.

In my org the designers use it for design, and it works well for them, and the developers use it to crib the CSS properties required to implement the designs, and it works well for that too.

Not entirely perfectly, but it's impressive.

So far as I can tell it draws everything on <canvas> and so has to implement HTML at the raster level. Which it does, surprisingly well.

That you can use it for free is fairly remarkable. Perhaps that's unsustainable. Presumably Adobe thinks so.

What I find disappointing is that Adobe couldn't produce something similar, but just charge for it.

Ah. Maybe they already did, but I never saw it, because it wasn't free. So this move is simply about snuffing out the competition.

As you were.


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