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The overall impression is our DoJ is living in some weird Beltway Bubble which actually makes it dangerous to us common folk.

Isn't that almost all of Washington? But I guess it's easier to drop the hammer on a not too rich individual who has violated a fairly well published embargo (it's not like they've been subtle about this), irrespective of how the country differs from the usual reporting than to do that to someone richer (allegedly) who undermined the entire allegedly "democratic" Constitutional framework and organised an insurrection, it's been vewwy, vewwy quiet on that front. It appears the only reason he won't be able to do it again as president is that now others have seen how you can get away with pretty much anything and thus want that for themselves.

I can remember when the US saw itself as arbiter of the world. Sure, only in their own eyes, but those days are long gone. I suspect that's what their real motive is for trying to force other countries to collaborate with China embargoes (other than falsifying competition): they know that if the Chinese get their act together after their less than sterling handling of their own Covid situation they'll have a problem, as they have smart people too.

They were better than this. Even when they were more secret about spying on everyone else instead of outsourcing it to Google, Meta and Microsoft..

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