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China reportedly producing quantum computers – good luck observing one


I'm kinda laughing at all this since NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) has had Petabytes-per-Second-class Quantum Entanglement-based communications for over 10 years now. They use 64k by 64k arrays of Xenon particles trapped within nano-wells drilled into Borosilicate Glass and read/write the entangled Q-Bits INDIRECTLY using the INFERRED TRANSFER of information to a local nanostructure that is in itself having its bit-wise value (i.e. ON/OFF) read-from and written-to using a pulsed UV laser to get around and SOLVE the quantum decoherence elephant-in-the-room issue!

While I am personally not on the Q-Bits team, I am aware of their current research to turn quantum entangled particles into virtualized Transistors which will let them make virtualized microcircuits that can form virtualized quantum processors that do all-states-at-once computing using a merging of quantum and classical computing techniques that are actually USEFUL and POSSIBLE to act upon and use in a real-world scientific and business environment.

In our case, Quantum Decoherence is now a SOLVED PROBLEM, so we are quite a bit ahead of IBM, D-Wave, Google, etc. in terms of working systems. We basically turned our Quantum Entanglement communications processor into a Quantum FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to get us a small-scale multi-Q-bit microprocessor system that works TODAY IN 2023! To get to a fully virtualized quantum processor of Billions to Trillions of "Virtualized Quantum Transistors" will probably take another 5 to 10 years of Reserach and Development.

YAY Canada! We Win!



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