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Qualcomm feels the squeeze because you don't want a new smartphone right now

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"you don't want a new smartphone right now"

Actually, I do. I just don't want any of the models currently on offer through the usual channels.

I hate my current device with a vengeance. Unfortunately it is a very ordinary Android handset, albeit running LineageOS, so any likely replacement will be more of the same, just newer.

I've tried to like Apple kit, but it just doesn't work for me. I know that an iPhone is just a tiny computer. Apple knows it too. For some reason they go out of their way to hide this fact. I don't want that. I want my tiny handheld computer to behave like a computer, just one which fits in a pocket and is handily connected to the cellular network. I want to be able to install my choice of software by any means that I find convenient. I want to find the tools common to normal computers built in; things like the ability to connect to server shares, FTP, SSH, a usable email client. I wan't to see the real filesystem. Most of all, I want a physical keyboard.

I shall probably end up with something obscure running UBPorts and have to explain to corporate IT that no, my personal choice of smartphone can't run the authenticator app that's available "on all platforms".

Ho hum.


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