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China reportedly producing quantum computers – good luck observing one

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The big problem of the bullsbit westerns is that they consider all peoples in the world thing like stupid westerns and westerns can fight the world with westerns tools. But of course, as usually they are wrong. The world is AGAINST westerns and if you dont see that you are blinded from cheap western propaganda, that is ever worst than communist ones.So, please check the name and AFFILIATION of the 90 percent of the scientific Q1 publications, see the 600 km/h trains and Hydrogen trains (against 100 km/h trains in the US) and then talk about this. Everybody begin with "stealing" and then develop his own better tech. Japanese "steal" from US but now theybare better. US stolen from Germany after WWWII, Germany - from France, France from Arabians and Percian (in early centuries), they from Roman Empire, Romans from Ancient Greece etc. But as usually stupid fatty western morons thinks that they are the best because they are only 300 years old and they consider the World starts with them. As fast dissappear western "civilization" as better for the humanity. And dont delete this comment, deletion just prove that there arw no difference between China Comumism and Western 1984 style communism.

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