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Former Ubiquiti dev pleads guilty in data theft and extortion case

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Sharp 0 - Ubiquiti 0

Sharp — who was working as a cloud lead...

Such a woolly job title, but I assume an aspect of IT Security is involved. Yet Ubiquiti employed someone in a lead role who, even with insider information, couldn't cover the basics of such a crime. (1. Can't configure a WAN connection to drop, and then only resume when VPN is up; 2. Used own VPN service, traceable, as 3. Paid for VPN service with own account; 4. Connected to VPN with traceable IP address for exfiltration.)

Then he pulls a Ted Bundy and shoves himself in the media limelight. Did Sharp, perchance, represent himself in court?

It's full credit to Ubiquiti that their policy of hiring morons ensures crimes will be answered for. (Do I really need to put a /sarc there? Spose I'd better :)

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