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GPT-4 could pop up in Bing, as Google races to build chatbot search products

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Fools errand

People don't need their search results dressed up as a fake conversation. People need accurate and relevant search results. Google et al have been actively stripping utility out of their search engines to drive traffic to paid search and force users to scroll past as much garbage as possible. GPTs 1 to infinity won't fix that.

Worse, if they put it in charge of the output answers and results, it will happily feed garbage dressed up as content in place of actual information. This will in the fullness of time, literally kill people.

And if it used to improve interpretation of the users intent in the search box, why have they intentionally removed the existing and more efficient tools like "-" to exclude results, and the old advanced search tools? The answer was it cost more to process and made them less money.

In reality, this will likely amount to more buzzwordy AI bullshit that won't make search results any better, won't work reliably, and only exists to deflect peoples attention from a possible alternative.

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