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Come on.....

I was going to post a remark about quantum computers being used to crack encryption but I thought that was just about the only application that they're being developed for at the moment (its not called that in most articles, its all about factoring into primes and so on.....same thing).

But then I thought "Reg, you really need to get your act together when reporting on China". Its yet another article implying -- if not directly stating -- that Chinese people are intellectually inferior hive mind types who work for starvation wages, live in a state of fear and so on. The usual cliches. When you think that the UK, a country that practically invented computing, can't actually make a computer because it abandoned its industrial base decades ago then it might be time for a bit of introspection.

As for Chinese nationalism -- you attack a country with your dumb hybrid wars what do you expect? I know that if I was, for example, a Huawei employee I'd be working around to clock to stick it to the West. (The company's employee owned as well -- a bit of extra incentive.) Multiply that over a nation the size of Europe with a third of the world's population and we've just made ourselves a heap of (unnecessary) trouble.

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