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French lawmakers say oui to Olympic video surveillance, but non for faces

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"Our Senate is a congregation of old notables put there to have a nice and long pre-retirement period with plenty of advantages at the cost of the taxpayers. Its only utility is to put a hold on laws for some times, it cannot do more. Senators are not elected directly by the people, ensuring an over representation of the Right. In the last 65 years, the Right had the majority for 62 years. If we could get rid of it, it could be a nice save. However, senators will never scuttle themselves.

About video-surveillance, I'm confident in the role the French Regulator (CNIL) can play. They are independent and with sharp teeth. Even megacorps fear them. If there's a risk about data, CNIL will tell."

About the senate, one advantage they have over the parliament is they're not after a nice career and won't be like little dogs drooling over their master, like the previous LRM assembly was, voting anything and everything coming from the Macron office, be it constitutional or not, in the interest of french people or not.

So, they serve their purpose of garde-fou of the parliament.

About CNIL, I'm sorry, are we speaking of the same ? Which has never controlled anything and looks the other way almost every time a law is endangering liberties ? Triggering CNIL is only achieved when you go full China scale tagging of citizens ...

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