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I'm inclined to believe that it's more than that. Once China become dominant in anything, they are going to start weaponizing them.... tooltalk

I’m disinclined to believe that, tooltalk, given the catastrophic problems, with no easy painless solutions, which such an action to dominate markets and populations is causing Uncle Sam to do vain battle against enemies of its own phantom invention in order to try to help preserve an obviously rapidly failing inequitable and indefensible dominant position.

And against smarter competition as they may have classified as state enemies of capital domination, aware of such as are the Uncle Sam and western puppet regime machine’s systemic catastrophic vulnerabilities for exploitation and export, is the future result never ever going to be as was/is usually traditionally expected in favour of the status quo.

The only really valid question to ask of Wild Wacky Western leaderships [and there’s a prime oxymoron if ever there was one] is ....... How incredibly painful are you going to make future showdown solutions for yourselves and populations you are misrepresenting and defrauding?

Another leading question to realistically fear being asked far too often anywhere to be ignored or denied mainstream media coverage is how would you expect misrepresented and defrauded populations to view and react to their leaderships? Would it be expected to be usual and traditional? What would that be? Would it be more than just troubling ‽ .

Future time in the likes of this place and these engaging spaces will tell us of the subsequent tale and the trails thereafter followed by leaderships. That is at least one thing you can be almost quite certain of, methinks? :-)

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