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NIST dreams of cellular networks free from 5G vendor lock in, supply chain pain


Is everyone STOOOOOPID! You take some modern AMD Ryzen-7 or Ryzen-9 Chips which already run as high as 4 to 6 GHz in clock speed and you INTERLEAVE at least TWO of the chips at half a Hertz apart to sample a waveform at the require 8 to 12 GHZ for 5G waveforms and do EVERYTHING to demodulate the Wifi/4G/5G and Starlink Signals in software! The CPU chips can input AND output a digital representation of the modulated 5G waveforms on their PICe lanes which the antenna circuits can smooth out using CHEAP analogue circuits to send out into or get from the ether! Each CPU chip is capable of 24 lanes on the AMD Ryzen-7 up to 128 lanes on Threadripper or EPYC chips at anywhere fom 16 Gigabytes Per Second up to 64 Gigabytes per second which can easily represent ANY analogue or digital waveform of ANY modern Wifi, 4G, 5G, 6G or Starlink internet data communications systems!

No need for stupid patents when EVERYTHING cna be done in FREE AND OPEN SOURCE software using common DSP algorithms running on ANY modern AMD Ryzen-5/7/9, Threadripper or EPYC CPU chip using antennas attached directly to the PCIe lanes with some inbetween waveform smoothing alagorithms. The PCIe lane signals on input don't have to be a digital waveform as the incoming analogue waveforms can STILL be digitized into the desires communications standard modulations using common DSP algorithms built right within the PCI-e circuits! That is done using common microcode.

Why pay $500,000 USD for a carrier-class cellular 5G switch/hotspot when EIGHT x.499 motherboards with their PCIe lines directly hooked up to antenna circuits can handle over 512 users of full-duplex 4G/5G/6G I/O per cell at less than $10,000 per cell. AND it's instantly upgradeable to any NEW or revision of a major Comms standard just by updating the flash BIOSes!

There! I just saved you $490,000 USD in cellular 4G/5G/6G hotspot/switch costs!


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