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Huawei's cardinal sin was owning about two thirds of the patents needed to implement a standards based 5G. In the normal course of things this wouldn't be a big deal since the standards process uses a patent pool so that the playing field is level for all participants and royalties are capped at reasonable, predictable and stable levels and shared equitably among the participants. It was was messed up by government action -- when the US took action against Huawei it was at least two years ahead of other players and ready to ship both network and subscriber equipment.

The position that Huawei was is wasn't unusual. I believe that Qualcomm had the same position with 4G. Anyway, the result for us in the US is that we don't have 5G, we have a mismash of incomplete, vendor specific solutions that are more a product of the marketing department than the engineers. This is why customers report disappointing service with 5G, it rarely, if ever, improves performance over 4G. So having held Huawei back we congratulate ourselves on winning the battle. But the war is well and truly lost.

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