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Will 2023 be the year of dynamite disinfo deepfakes, cooked up by rogue states?

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Re: "AI" makes "deep fakes" easier / faster / cheaper to produce

You are correct, but deep fake tech is already hitting the diminishing returns level, so while the defects that are left are more subtle, they harder and harder to "solve" at this point technologically.

Also as I said elsewhere, the bigger issue that deep fakes have is that they have to credibly portray the target doing things that the target would credibly do to get anything more that the unthinking reactionaries to jump. That may still have enough impact to justify the attempts to some of these bad actors, but it's got a short fuse before the whole thing starts to fall apart, and after that there is likely to be blowback to factor in.

So this is just a new tool with most of the same limitations that may be deployed cheaper/rendered faster, but unless well planned and executed, won't be more or even as effective than what was possible before, and the more bad fakes are floated, the less people will trust them in general.

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