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Just as long as China both masters command and control of, and avoids falling itself into the Wacky Wild Western trap exposed to peer review and indignant denial both here, and in the earlier post elsewhere quoted below, which presupposes and vitally requires that advanced intelligence and greater general knowledge is both blocked and resisted and ignored in native emergent populations, will it fare a great deal better than anyone anywhere ever even imagined being possible to lead the future and other nations too ...... so 'tis something of no little significance and importance.

And joining that Long March Program is absolutely certain to be an almighty joy ..... or at least a vast improvement on current decimating operations and depressingly vacuous opportunities with western flavours and ingredients.

amanfromMars [2301160944] ..... points out on

The primary role of the BBC, whenever corrupted and perverted, is as a British Brainwashing Corporation to inform, educate and entertain the masses with the expenses supply and expensive delivery of the desires of A.N.Others more fully aware of the freely available teleaudiovisual facility/ability/utility ...... and as is the nature of all media operations trailing and trialing elitist opinions and exclusive views anywhere/everywhere.

Ignorant masses just love the stale cake and media circus shows their slave owning ring masters are required to provide in order to survive and prosper, and such explains why previously so few searching intelligent questions on such alarming matters were never asked and aired on paid for mainstream media channels?

Nowadays though such is a burgeoning pastime and entertainment field in its own right ...... and great cause for establishment concern and gravely to be regarded with the loss and/or denial of its command and control.

And one does have to ask, what are Western Central Intelligence Agencies and Secret Intelligence Services doing about their complete lack of Advanced IntelAIgent Leading Supply? It is almost as if they truly don't have any to exercise and provide, and that would be much more that just a national disgrace they would have to accept responsibility and accountability for ...... although you be sure there will be many within their ranks and strutting around top round tables vainly pleading their innocence for that deficit and catastrophe.

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