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PC sales slump to pre-pandemic level in Q4. 'Boom' is over, says IDC

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It always amazes me how disconnected these "analyists" seem to be from reality.

When the pandemic hit, there was a boom in upgrades, as well as companies finally giving up and issuing their staff the laptops they had been forced to beg for by the odd traditions of corporate culture.

This wasn't rocket science level math, but from whatever basement the poor souls that crunch PC industry sales numbers operate from, this seemed to be a surprise.

Then, when the market was saturated with 2-3 year old machines, they are shocked and stunned that all of these perfectly serviceable machines are still in uses. Despite there having very little released into the PC/Laptop market that even enthusiast users actually care about.

They are also so amazed by Apple bucking the downward trend they forget to mention that they are the only company to push a big refresh of their line due to the M2 rollout and paying a little attention to their languishing computer line after years of leaning into ipads, watches, and phones. They also miss the chance to point out things like the lagging release of the refreshed Pro and Max parts for the M2 line to update the actual Pro verision of the MBP. Or the fact that Apples sheer laziness in updating it's wifi hardware is adding 1-2 YEARS to the adoption timelines for the new WiFi standards.

I don't write well enough to produce copy for the Reg, but I'm wondering if I should be side hustling these channel reports. At least I could give the reporters here some talking points worth re-writing quickly while jugging three actual stories. :)

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