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> you may find "set -o emacs" helps

I thoroughly dislike Emacs, and while I am marginally more familiar with Vi and Vim, I detest the entire Vi family.

All of them are hideous 1970s abominations which should have been modernized, or deleted and forgotten forever, decades ago.

Back in the 1980s I mastered dozens of different text editors, with totally different UIs. WordStar, RPED, Edlin, WordPerfect, loads of them.

I think it was a *wonderful* development when all of them were swept away by the tide of UI standardisation that followed the Mac HIG, and subsequently, Windows and IBM CUA.

There are standard for menu bars, hotkeys, control keys and so on, and there have been for over 30 years now. Any editor that doesn't follow them can die in a fire.

And no, Emacs' `cua-mode` is not enough. I want to see every dialog box, every line of the manual, rewritten. I do not have a "meta" key. Nobody has a meta key and nobody has had a Meta key since Lisp machines died out some 40 years ago. Even the Amiga and the ST had Ctrl, Alt, cursor keys and so on.

The IBM extended keyboard layout is the standard and has been since 1984.

CUA is the standard editing UI. Adopt it, accept it, move on.

All my keyboards have Home, End, PgUp and PgDn, Ins and Del. Left a word is Ctrl+Left. Right a word is Ctrl+Right. Start of doc is Ctrl+Home. End of doc is Ctrl+End.

If those are not part of an editor's core UI, I refuse to even try to learn it. Life is too short.

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