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if you are managing hyper-v on the server itself (using hyper-v manager), you do not have many hyper-v servers, management of hyper-v is remote if you use more than 1 node / clusters.

Full hyper-v management suite is in System Center, or via Azure Server Management Tools.

System Center is going dodo also, new features not being added, others being removed. They want you to use Azure.

Best integration and new features are being added to Azure Stack HCI. This is being done because they want you to use Azure, not on prem, but if you insist, they want you to pay like you are in Azure, so only add the new features into a different product (based upon the same underlying system, hyper-v).

They don't want you to use plain old hyper-v for anything other than running a VM or 2 on your desktop, so will kill it off by making it only usable for that.

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