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Those low-code tools devs love so much? They'll grow 20% in 2023, says Gartner

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4GLs will let you build crap quicker.

@AC "Devs don't love them. People who aspire to be devs but lack any practical software engineering skills like them"

I don't entirely agree. As a dev I would not say I love them but I certainly don't hate them. While not 4GL, writing programs for Windows using Visual Studio a lot of basic template code is generated for you if you want it to. C++ with MFC (Document View model) creates the basic SDI or MDI application, C# does similar. A lot of basic front end GUI work is done very much like a 4GL and yes I do love that, it save me having to write GUI handling code, while I concentrate on writing the application code.

I whole heartedly agree with your point lack any practical software engineering skills. 4GLs even though they are at a higher level of abstraction, still require software engineering skills to design the logic and flow of the program. Otherwise the result is a badly built application, that will be slow and buggy. Because the logic has not been thought through.

4GLs just like lower level languages will let you build an application that's a complete pile of crap, just 4GLs let you build that crap quicker.

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