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do hope that your spelling efforts ("Democratcy") were on purpose

Of course. I'm British, this it's my civic duty to be sarcastic. Something our civics 'expert' doesn't seem to understand is that civic derives from civicus which roughly translated means 'citizen'. So how the people should behave, not the state. In the US, that's pretty much codified as upholding the Constitution, which is pretty neat and simple. So Rule #1, Free Speech. Then Rule #2, the Right to Bear Arms.

Probably placed in that order because the US citizens had just transformed from being subjects, and recognised that citizens should have a way to hold tyranical governments to account and defennd the Constitution. civicus also gave us civil war, or 'citizen' war to differentiate it from plain'ol war, which is state v state. Again why it's important around the world, not just the US as states steadily erode rights and freedoms from their citizens, and consolidate their own power. Civics gets kinda fun. So there's Rule #3, No Quarter, or the way the Third Amendment prohibits government from forcing citizens to provide board & lodging to soldiers in peacetime. That doesn't get much attention these days, but was an issue at the time.

Or there are more vague ones, like the Ninth Amendment and it's unenumerated rights. Like the right to make decisions about health and body. That one has been in the news as a result of Roe v Wade and 'my body, my choice'.. but when it comes to selling vaccines or wearing masks, choice is removed and the State imposes it's will on people's bodies and freedoms. That one's getting a lot more court time as varies edicts are declared unlawful or unconsititutional.

But it's also what George Orwell wrote about. Rip up the Constitution, and replace it with posters stating "OBEY, CITIZEN". Civics then becomes so much simpler.

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