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Twitter tries to lure brands back with spend-matching scheme

Jellied Eel Silver badge

Has Musk provided any proof to his claims, or is it, once again, the deranged brain farts of an out of touch manbaby?

This is the strange part of the story, to me anyway. So-

Musk tweeted a link to the account of independent journalist Matt Taibbi shortly after 6 p.m., who shed light on Twitter’s shady censorship decision by posting what appeared to be redacted emails between Twitter employees. 

Which seems as though Musk is giving Taibbi an exclusive, rather than making the link public so we can see and decide. I can kind of see the reasoning behind this given Taibbi and the NYP were some of the most affected by Twitter's censorship. But it doesn't really help the wider world who are again seeing this news, or 'evidence' via filters.

But it's interesting times. DNC used the courts to get Trump's tax filings, which Pelosi is now threatining to make public. If true, Biden skimmed 10% off Hunter's 'business' dealings, and made Hunter's companies pay personal expenses for the 'Big Man'. The IRS and regulators may take a dim view of undeclared income and comingling funds. But the DNC has opened the door by making private financial information public.

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