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Alibaba, Tencent enlisted to help sanction-weary China build RISC-V chips



The XiangShan processors are a product of the Research Center for Advanced Computer Systems at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

I emailed Yungang Bao, the Director there, last June, and he said:

"Thank you for paying attention to XiangShan.

"The first generation Yanqihu was back and brought up successfully.

"The second generation Nanhu will tape out in 2-3 months (delayed due to the lockdown of Shanghai).

"The third generation Kunminhu is ongoing."

Alibaba's T-Head has had a family of processors since 2019, of course, including the C906 and C910, whose designs have been published. Their 1520 SoC is coming out soon I believe, including in the RISC-V ROMA laptop. There's been the suggestion that Alibaba have already started incorporating their processors in their datacentres.

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