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A little confusing

A little confusing -- I mean, if they have that chart like in the other article, it makes it clear (although I'll note there's one error in that chart). I suppose x86-64-v2 etc. may be terms used by gcc. But basically, x86-64-v1 is any 64-bit Intel/AMD chip; x86-64-v2 means "SSE 4.2 support required." x86-64-v3 means "AVX2 required". x86-64-v4 means "AVX512 required." I'll note, the chart in the other article says x86-64-v2 indicates AVX required; I thought that was odd enough decision (since for Intel chips, only Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge have AVX but not AVX2..) in fact per Google that's not the case.

Anyway.. *phew*. I'm running Ubuntu as my main distro, but I do have an old Ivy Bridge system...

1) I do have an OpenSuse VM and this would keep it from running on there.

2) Actually, (honestly due to virtualization on Intel systems being a mess), virtual machines have some special requirements to be able to pass AVX, AVX2, AVX512 support through to the guest. In VirtualBox, you need a new enough version of it plus you need "Nested Paging" turn on. I mean, might not be a big deal, but it might be a rude surprise when your OpenSuse cloud instance drops dead because you have to fiddle with virtualization settings (or even worse, you have to persuade your cloud provider to fiddle with virtualization settings.).

3) At least they aren't picking x86-64-v4! What a mess, Intel deciding some new CPUs will *not* have AVX512 after it's been out for so long (... the "P"erformance cores support AVX512 but the "E"fficiency cores don't... instead of updating the "E" cores to support it even if it's slow.. which would be fine since the system could just schedule these processes onto "P" cores... instead, they removed AVX512 support via microcode.)

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