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Consumables at 400kg per year

That's only 180g per occupant per day - water, oxygen, food, toothpaste, soap, athlete's foot powder ... If the Taikonauts are still comfortable that is a very impressive figure. However I would suspect conditions would have to be fairly harsh to achieve it - fully dehydrated food (and water :-) ) is your friend.

According to a well-known source, average oxygen use is about 700Kg per year per person (based on 1/3 of intake volume actively used for respiration). How much of of that is excreted from the body in some form that can be recycled back into environmental oxygen I really don't know. With the solar power available, can they break expelled CO2 efficiently as most methods I've seen are very power hungry? The ISS dumps CO2 overboard from the zeolite scrubbers so it becomes a waste product but that method would conflict with the 400kg figure quoted... Perhaps the figures are slightly misrepresented and don't include basics like fuel, water and oxygen?

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