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The fake account announced Eli Lilly would begin making insulin for free, and was picked up widely enough to briefly depress the company's stock price, so that $8 account may have cost Twitter millions in ad revenues

On that one: insulin costs ten times the European price in the US. Big pharma is gouging people in need.

For a reminder, When inventor Frederick Banting discovered insulin in 1923, he refused to put his name on the patent. He felt it was unethical for a doctor to profit from a discovery that would save lives. Banting’s co-inventors, James Collip and Charles Best, sold the insulin patent to the University of Toronto for a mere $1. They wanted everyone who needed their medication to be able to afford it.

If people taking advantage of this kind of blackmail from Big Pharma were a little bit hurt financially by this false tweet, it's just a little bit of justice served.

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