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It is displaying gridded data. Ok, on a pretty high resolution. And hopefully it has a nice and simple to use user interface, though even geographers[*] can work with ArcGIS (which I am scared of - but then I had no training in it) or many of the programs listed here:

Though a nice user interace will just lead to bad science. Don't get me started on the tendency of some people to use eigenvector decomposition and linear regression for everything, thanks to the KNMI climate explorer (which also does a ton of stuff, like visualising climate field data for you from many different data sets, observations, reconstruction, reanalyses, model runs. This one is (ok, last time I looked) simple to use.

Some of them already make movies for you. I have seen them a few (ok, more than a few) years back in conferences (and I am guilty myself, though I used R for that).

[*] sorry...

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