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Microsoft's Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update crashes OneDrive


My initial reaction was to immediately laugh out loud - because the only way I would be surprised these days would be if a Microsoft update did NOT bork *something*.

Windows 11 22H2 among many other issues borked all CPU usage monitoring applications, including Windows own brand new Task Manager itself (check out the Details tab of Task Manager for a wonderful view of completely meaningless values). This despite being warned about the bug since August. One would also expect such a glaring bug to have been fixed by now, no? But no - at this point I just wonder if it will EVER be fixed or if it has now become yet another "it's not a bug, it's a feature"

I seriously don't understand. How low can a monopolistic company like Microsoft let itself go? Why on earth is it taking so long for what are supposed to be intelligent smart people to realize that this approach to software development with basically zero quality control simply DOES NOT WORK?! In fact, at this point does anyone at Microsoft even care?!

Sometimes I feel like the current generation of devs at Microsoft are but unsupervised children, obliviously but systematically destroying a playground that took their elders decades to build properly.

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