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DoE supercomputing centers get $1.5B boost from Biden administration


Your kid failing maths? Murican solution... fund Transgender Maths

When the horse bolts why would you open your wallet or your neighbours' wallets and throw money at the hoof prints? Dare I point out that Murica was once the leading producer of steel. Today Murica doesn't have a single blast furnace in operation, and only makes hot and cold rolled steel and some rebar. NOTHING ELSE and Murican Steel is 60% scrap which rusts fast. Marketing scheme.. "Biodegradable Steel... friendly to the environment!"

How exactly is the Dept of Energy going to use this INFLATION FIGHTING SUPERCOMPUTER? The only motivation is that CHINER has more supercomputers. So the horse has bolted and these Democrats and Protectionist Republicans waste money on the Department of Energy which should be dismantled along with the Dept of Education... Maybe the US should start a Department of Home Schoolers.

BTW the DOE LABS have never invented a single process or fostered a single BTU in additional energy efficiency. But they will cling death to Ethanol... which even by AL GORE Polar bear standards is a total energy bust. Do you need a supercomputer to tell you Ethanol has a 70,000 BTU deficit with Diesel fuel? It costs more in diesel fuel to produce a gal of ethanol than the energy you get from burning the ethanol. I am afraid they will not like what the Supercomputer tells them... "Cannot Compute... ETHANOL is a BUST!"

Better living through BIDEN BLOAT.

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