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Thanks for the socialist dogma. Better learn some economics. Milton Friedman who you would hate if you actually ever heard of him. The greatest Chicago School Economist in history. But not as famous as your Karl Marx. As for this question. If China wants to subsidize products that you can then buy for less money, how does that harm you the consumer? It doesn't.

To perceive harm you have to invent the idea that labour is a form of social welfare and you the consumer should subsidize inefficient labour by paying more for inferior non-competitive products as some kind of save the UNION Labour scheme. Pathetic reasoning.

Then you go off in this Communist rant. The Gov of China is a form of Capitalism, it runs very much like a corporation. At corporations, your personal voice is unimportant unless it translates into more profits or more efficiency. In the US and UK you have representative gov by elected idiots. None of those people are smart. Trump was a moron and Biden is a career dummy.

In China, anyone can apply to work for the government and as in Xi's case, has to rise through the ranks to achieve competency. Meanwhile, what are the issues you face in Murica and the UK? You spend to much, you save nothing, You are worried about transgender sports and bathrooms, gender reassignment surgery, abortion, All kinds of dumb issues and you know nothing about economics other than your Marxist pablum. Name for me any successful socialist economy. Protectionism is the pillar of Marxism. Look at Chavez's history in Venezuela.

This article is spot on economically. Trump lost his trade war. The balance of Trade has tripled. But the balance of trade has little to do with buying stuff. Trump was an idiot. The balance of trade economically is related to the amount of personal savings. In the US Muricans save at most 1%, and Chinese save 34%. Since you don't save, you have to borrow. And your debt to GDP is at record levels of over 135%. China's is 42%. You are going belly up with all your fine representative democracy. Your congress is bilking you and always has bilked you.

Xi and his celebrity wife are very successful but they are not millionaires. How did Biden accumulate over $10 million on his gov salary, or Bill Nelson $15 million on his gov salary. This is not private industry... these guys are bilking you, insider trading everything. They know which companies are being moved to the USA entity's list in advance. Your society is corrupt, yet you who I know have never been to China know all about it. Well, you don't.

China runs like a corporation. And if you have ever worked for a large corporation you would know that. Most businesses don't want your self-expression, or your tattoos greeting customers. They don't want your Marxist spew.

Look who is running the show... Trump a product of nepotism and 7 Bankruptcies. Tax evader... Bilked the taxpayer out of $250 million on his weekends to his resorts where he rented rooms to the secret service and charged $50,000 a weekend for golf carts. Then you have Biden a UNION shill who claims he is FDR. FDR Opposed Gov Unions. Gov Unions are Biden's stock in trade. Then Biden's Commerce Secretary is the former Gov of Rhode Island. Rhode Island owns the bottom of the worst state economy forever. So Biden picks her to bring her losing track record to the Federal Gov. She's useless. You bring this kind of incompetence to bear on the global economy and you are going to be eviscerated. Protectionism has never worked.

And if you think this is real intelligent, consider that Semiconductors are only 1.2% of the US GDP. While you walk your Marxist dog out here, China is building 1000 million tons of Steel a year and has massive manufacturing capability across the board. And you think you are superior? Murica only 9% of the GDP is manufacturing. And you are losing 3% market share a year in Semis. And the losses are accelerating. With the exception of the born-again Trumper nut that runs INTEL, not one other semiconductor company agrees with Biden Trump sanctions on High tech products. High-tech has a very short shelf life. And if you are not selling your chips, you are out of business.

And as for NAND, lithography is meaningless. Rarely goes below 40mn. So China can rip your heart out in the global marketplace.

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