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"But Chinese Jet engines aren't, I'm told, quite up to best in the world standards."

Right now they are not state of the art. But they are adequate and getting better. The most important thing is that as they are domestically designed and produced there is little that outside forces can do to disrupt their production.

Cutting off China's access to chip making technology now is about as effective as bolting the proverbial stable door. China has reached a tipping point now where if they are denied certain technologies they are in a position to develop it themselves. It may take years, but once they've mastered the technology they have a huge domestic market to sell to plus the 6+ billion people in the rest of the world who are sick of being dictated to by the west. Have a look at the EU's energy policy with regards to Africa - EU officials have no qualms begging African countries to sell them oil and gas, but they have ostracised and will not provide loans or tech know how to African countries who are building infrastructure to provide other African countries with oil/gas - because it's,.... not green and African countries should be moving to renewables (and leave the oil/gas for the EU).

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