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October-28-2022-KB5020953 for Windows 10 22H2

Previously updated to KB5018482 Preview Update on Windows 10 22H2...

KB5020953 'patch on a patch (patchwork quilt)' seems to require the most free space I've yet encountered to install a monthly update, around 5GB free is required, (not great if you have 128GB SSD on say, a Surface Pro, dual booting Linux) considering 22H2 has only just released, and was meant to be the annual October 22H2 feature update of Windows 10.

This out of band cumulative update still seems to be a cumulative patch covering both 21H2 and 22H2 (same file size), so a cumulative monthly patch containing more than a year's worth of updates.

Normally, the first cumulative patch for a new annual update i.e. 22H2 and the available space it required to install, would decrease in size at this point.

It installed, takes a while, but only once 5GB space was made available to the KB5020953 22H2 Windows Catalog full installer.

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