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"The Raspberry Pi is $200 for the 8GB model, in reality, not fantasy MSRP. So for $400 LESS you might only miss that "NPU" but, how powerful is that NPU anyhow?"

Ludicrous fanboi comment of the week.

Handily you forgot that the $600 Dev Kit has 32GB memory and a proper 512GB NVMe flash drive, not a puny SDHC interface. (you also forgot to check the price for a 512GB SDHC card)

Lenovo Thinkpad X13s seems to contain approx. the same CPU/GPU combination and packs a reasonable punch for everyday use.

The SoC is probably quite a bit faster than what RPi 4 can do because these things are aimed at different use cases. Similarly someone getting the RPi Pico laughs at your 8GB RPi extravaganza!

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